He is the Managing Director of, a corporate communications office offering web services and digital marketing solutions. After he graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA, with a Bachelor in Business Administration and Marketing, he continued his postgraduate studies at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, UK, and earned an MSc in International Marketing by Research. He has been teaching sales and marketing courses at the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) as part-time instructor.

He is fond of Anatolia for three simple reasons. First, his early academic years at SBALA, ACT’s precursor, gave the opportunity to prepare well and successfully continue his studies in the US and the UK. In addition, he met some special people at Anatolia and gained lifetime friends -like Dimitris Stambolis and Dimitris Paravantsos, who also participate in the "Son, Father, Godfather, Uncle and 2 Friends" project. Finally, his is grateful that his two children received quality education at Anatolia College.

He was born in 1964 and lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. He combines photography as a hobby and a profession. He is actively involved in several not-for-profit and fundraising organizations. Savas is now the President of the Board of the Association of Friends of the American Farm School of Thessaloniki.



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