What do these 6 photographers have in common?

For a start, Zinon, Savas, Dimitris, Harry, the second Dimitris in the group, and Dinos share a passion for photography!

Some of them studied photography or are now taking courses to improve their skills. For some others photography is a profession and not only a keen interest.

An additional link among the 6 of them is Anatolia College. Although they graduated from different divisions of Anatolia and followed different careers, the School was the starting point of their academic life.

On the other hand, the idea to organize a photographic exhibition on campus was met with great enthusiasm by both the School and the 6 photographers. Thanks to the old common friend Evi Tramantza, Director of Libraries and Archives at Anatolia College, the exhibition will be hosted in Bissell Library and thus become visible to the open public, the School’s visitors, students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Equally important, they all have emotional ties to each other, with strong bonds as friends or relatives. Such a connection is depicted in the logo that was designed to identify the project: the concentric black lines identify each group member -with Zinon depicted as a small yellow rectangle at the very center as he is the youngest member of this unique group!

You are invited to visit Anatolia and attend the exhibition's inauguration on January 18, 2019!


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